Our ISPF SP option (not related to PDSMAN) tries to invoke the PDSMAN Space command

We have a primary ISPF panel with an option "SP" that is not related in any way to PDSMAN. With PDSMAN running, when a user chooses that option it appears to be trying to invoke the PDSMAN SPACE command resulting in this error: ISPP100 - Panel 'EZY2P95' error - Panel not found.

If we stop PDSMAN our panel works as intended.


When PDSMAN is active, it front ends the initialization of ISPF logical sessions. When $EZYEDIT CMDTABUPDT=Y is specified (or allowed to default), PDSMAN inserts commands into the ISPF command table. These commands are defined on $EZYCMD control statements.

Here is the default rule for the SPACE command as described in the PDSMAN Administrator Guide r7.7:

        DESC=EZYEDIT Space Display

The TRUNC parameter of the rule indicates the minimum number of characters that must be entered to find a match with the command. If this value is set to zero or allowed to default, the complete command must be entered.

To resolve the described situation, change the $EZYCMD entry for SPACE to specify TRUNC=0 (so the whole command SPACE has to be entered instead of just SP) or TRUNC=3, 4, or 5 (to indicate how many characters ofthe command must be entered). Choose a value that does not conflict with the length of your ISPF option.

Note: In the example provided in the Summary section of this document, the ISPF error (ISPP100 - Panel 'EZY2P95' error - Panel not found) is generated because the user does not have the PDSMAN panel libraries concatenated to their ISPPLIB.
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