Does EZYEDIT work with z/OSMF?

EZYEDIT is compatible with z/OSMF. 

When EZYEDIT is invoked using z/OSMF session, a user may experience the following potential problems : 

1. A very slow response time is observed, since z/OSMF screen size specifications for rows and columns can be very large.
   To avoid slow response, specify smaller row and column sizes on the Classic z/OSMF ISPF interface entry page. 

   Using the standard 3270 Model sizes (24x80, 32x80, 43x80) for row and column settings will decrease overhead
   needed to communicate screen data to z/OSMF. 

2. Rows wrap to next line, leaving some content truncated. 
   This is primarily because the z/OSMF browser window is using a font that is too large. 

   To avoid the wrapping of EZYEDIT display rows, use the browser Zoom settings to set a smaller font or specify 
   a smaller column size on the Classic z/OSMF ISPF interface entry page. 

Both problems are likely to occur when z/OSMF has been setup with large default screen sizes.

The z/OSMF documentation suggests that the response time is negatively impacted as larger screen sizes are used. 
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